Ways to Have an Incredible First Date

First-dates can either be fantastically wonderful, or disastrously hopeless. There is no middle ground; it is one or the other. First-dates are an opportunity to get to know each other, find out what the other likes, dislikes, and overall figure out whether you get together. Naturally, people are quite nervous on a first date, and with good reason too. After all, here are two strangers spending a couple of hours together without knowing much about the other, all the while trying to make a good impression. Well, at least for the most part. Whatever first dates are, they are certainly not always a guarantee of good behaviour! That said, if you are planning a first-date and you want it to be spectacular, why not take a look at a few of the ideas below?


Image Source – Pexels


Wine Tasting

This can go either which way, so you have to control the drinking to a certain extent. At least if you want to remain sophisticated, and not let out too much of yourself on the first date. Provided you taste the wine responsibly, this activity makes for an incredible fun and light-hearted first date. Take a tour of the vineyards (which can be quite romantic when done right), learn about the different types of grapes used in wine production, and get to know all the different varieties of wine in person. Great for both bonding, and getting to know the other person.


Theme Park

Theme parks are another fun first-date idea, whether you are looking for date ideas Melbourne or somewhere else. You need not spend the entire time going on rides, though you can if you are both up for it. Stroll through the stalls, play a few games, or better yet, win your plus one a gift. This is actually particularly great for those who do not like to have those cliché super fancy romantic dinners in an equally fancy restaurant. This way, you get to let your hair down, have some fun, and enjoy a whole load of snack food. Guaranteed a great time for both!


Ferry Ride

Well for this one you would need to be somewhere you have access to a ferry, but if you do, give this some thought. Opt for a ride that is under 1 hour but over half, and plan on where you would like to get off when the ride is done. The good thing about this is, if the date is not going at all to plan, you can simply call it off by the time the ferry ride is done. On the other hand if the date is going ahead swimmingly great, then you can extend your plans and continue the date after disembarking wherever you plan on. Either way, you have complete control.


Food Festival

If you are both ardent foodies, then this is for you. Scout out good food festivals around the area or even a little far out if it is worthwhile. You can bond quite well over an assortment of delicious treats with their aromas wafting about you, setting up the perfect romantic background for your first date. Plus, the food will definitely put you in a good mood, so the chances of it going well are higher. Not to mention even if the date is a flop, at least you will have tried out some new gastronomic samples so it is not a total waste!