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The Ultimate To-Do List to Get Ready For Pregnancy

Just got the good news? Here are some things you need to take care of right away!

Check with Your Health Insurance Provider

Talk to your health insurance provider about what they cover in our existing health insurance. Does it cover the care for the prenatal mother, does it cover the costs of delivery and does it care for your newborn baby? Talk or call your health insurance provider. If you have started prenatal vitamins see if you can include these prescriptions in the claim as well. And if you do not have a health insurance, now might be the right time for you to get one since there is one more member joining you soon.

for Working Mothers

It is always best to inform your employers about the good news. Talk to them and see what they offer and what policies apply for when you are pregnant and working with them. You can talk to the Human Resources in your company if there are any discrepancies. If you are planning to work throughout the pregnancy try to get yourself a maternity style that you can try out to work.

DoYou Have An OB/GYN?

Some mothers-to-be go hunting for the right OB/GYN for months. And that is for good reason. You might need someone who is familiar with you and your baby and what you want during the procedure and its specifications. You will have to talk to him or her about whether or not you want any painkillers, epidurals and what position you would want to deliver your baby at. Familiarize yourself with the doctor and his or her manners so that you will feel most comfortable during labor.

Book an Appointment for a Prenatal Visit

Most of the providers of healthcare might not want to see you until you are at least 8 weeks down the line. If you are planning to book your appointment with a specialist in the field who is known to be busy, you might want to book your appointment ahead of time. Once you have found out that you are pregnant make sure you mark it down somewhere so that your healthcare provider will be able to determine the exact due date; you need to note down the first date of the last menstruation cycle.

Talk To Your Healthcare Provider about What Medications To Take

There is a long list of drugs that do not bode well for your new fetus. You might want to check with your healthcare provider if the current drugs you’re taking are safe to be continued for the sake of the baby. Notify the doctor about any current medical conditions you have. Just because you found out that you are pregnant do not quit the medications you’re taking a cold turkey. Make sure that you consult a professional before you go ahead with the decision.

DoYour Research

It is never too early to do your research about what to look forward to and what might come your way during these 9 months since women experience different things during first, second and the third trimester. Talk to other moms and start your reading as well.