The Fake Tanning Guide for Beginners

So you have decided that you would like to try your hand at fake tanning. Better yet, you have also decided to take a look at this article, which shows that you know there is some work to put in first. Many are under the impression that all there is to it, is buying the products and then applying them all over your body. Well, far from it. For beginners in particular, it is incredibly important to understand exactly what to expect, from beginning to end. This includes before, during and after. Here, you will find all the fake tanning basics you were looking for, to help you look like you just spent a week or two in the French Riviera.


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Tan Fully

This is one of the most elementary mistakes you can make, even as a self-tanning beginner. Make sure you tan every part of your body. Do not forget your face, the back of your neck and behind your ears for starters. If you have fair skin, this becomes even more glaringly noticeable. After all, you are trying to achieve a wholesome, bronzed look, and the illusion is destroyed when your ears suddenly seem two-toned. There is no use achieving an evenly layered look if you are going to miss out on simple details like that.

Build It Up

Though this is something the more experienced fake-tanners would know, it is unlikely that beginners would. Or, you may have heard of it, yet have absolutely no clue as to what it actually means. Well, just as its name implies, a gradual tan works step-by-step. In fact, it is the perfect option for beginners, and will help you find out what your preferred shade is. So when you want to move onto other tanning products like mousses or lotions, you know what you want.

Do a Patch Test

Actually, it just makes good sense to do one with any skin product you will be using for the first time. No matter how many glowing reviews there are to be found, if a product is not right for your skin, then it simply is not right. Before you get carried away with you potential new look, do a patch test and see what happens. Obviously if the coast is clear, you can go ahead and channel your inner Kardashian. If not, chuck the product away and look for something that is more in line with you.

Know Your Skin

This is probably one of the first things you should know before using self-tanners. What kind of skin do you have? Is it more oily or dry? Shiny or matter? Dark or light? Seeing as how we all have our own types of skin, it is necessary that you know yours. That is how you will know what sort of product you need to go for. There are even tanning products for those with sensitive skin, so if you fall into that category, not to worry. Sun-kissed skin can still be yours to attain. You just need to know what you are doing, and the rest will automatically fall into place.