Tips for Setting up Your Own Home Theatre

Watching movies is a favourite past time for a lot of people. While it’s exciting to go to a movie theatre and watch the latest releases on the big screen, there are certain benefits to viewing them from the comfort of your own home too. For instance, you can make yourself as comfortable as you like. Wrap yourself in a comfortable blanket, having a box of tissues nearby (if it’s a guaranteed tear jerker) and pile on the snacks on a table in front of you.

Inside a cinema, you’ll probably get shushed for talking with a friend or laughing too often. That won’t happen when you watch movies at home. You have the complete freedom to hold a discussion or even a drinking game based on a particular movie.

If you love watching movies inside your own house, then having a home theatre setup is a no brainer. It’ll enhance the viewing experience and make your home a favourite hangout spot among friends and family.

So if you’re ready to invest in a home theatre setup, then we’ve come some tips for you to keep in mind:

Buy the Right Components

The most lavish setup is not always the best one. When buying home cinema components make sure that they’re not just aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Remember, a home theatre is mainly about the experience that you treat your ears and eyes to.

Here’s a checklist of parts that every home theatre setup should have:

  • A video input – these days, this is either a dedicated Blu-ray player or a video game console that is compatible with Blu-ray discs. However, a smart TV could eliminate the need for either.
  • A great TV – if your TV is subpar then you may want to upgrade. In order to truly replace the cinema experience, you’ll have to spring for either a 4K or 8K TV. 3D is an added bonus but it truly depends on your personal preferences.
  • Receiver – this can be considered the ‘heart’ of the set up. All the inputs and outputs go to your receiver and it may even come with a preamp that will allow you to control the audio.
  • A great set of speakers

Image Source: Unsplash

Pick a Great Location

A big part of the movie viewing experience is the atmosphere. Therefore pick a location in your home that:

  • Is big enough to fit all of the components
  • Is big enough to accommodate several guests
  • Has a great overall vibe to it.

Consider the Limitations

There are a few limiting factors you must think about before you go ahead and purchase all of the parts. Firstly, you should make sure stick to your budget. You might have a hard time enjoying it if you’re constantly worrying that you spent too much on it. You have to consider how much noise your neighbours will be okay with. If you have strict neighbours then it may not be wise to invest in an elaborate speaker setup.

Now you’re ready to go out and buy your own home theatre setup!