best car wash products australia

Car Cleaning Products Every Car Owner Must Have

Aside from scheduled maintenance check at the auto shop, cleaning your car regularly is also an essential step in making its paint last long and keep it looking like brand new. Not everyone enjoys to clean their car that’s why a lot of people just take their car into a carwash to be cleaned. However, you could actually save a lot if you clean your car personally than sending it to a carwash shop. Aside from that, you have to power to decide when you want to clean and even do it as frequent as needed.

To help you clean your car properly and efficiently, here are the basic supplies you must have.

Bucket, Sponge and Grit Guard

First of all, you’ll need these 3 basic items before you could wash your car. You’ll need 2 buckets with one grit guard each and a soft sponge to wipe the surface of the car. The first bucket contains clean water while the other one contains soapy water. After wiping, wash the sponge first on the clean water bucket making sure that you rub it against the grit pad to remove all the debris. When the sponge is clean, you can now dip it on soapy water and continue cleaning.

Car Wash Liquid

Although you can use mild soap to clean your car, a car wash liquid is still a good cleaning supply to invest in. Choose one that has a pH level closest to neutral to dissolve dirt effectively without damaging the paintwork of your car. For best car wash products Australia has a good shop that offers quality products you should check out.

best car wash products australia
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Microfiber Towels

After washing the car, don’t just leave it there to dry itself. Use a soft microfiber towel to dry the car’s surface without leaving scratches and marks on it. When buying microfiber towels, always choose those that have a high GSM count so you can be sure that it has a fine and soft texture that won’t damage the paint of your car.

Wheel Cleaner and Brush

Aside from the car’s body, you also need to clean the wheels for an overall brand-new look. Wheels can be difficult to clean because it is more prone to stubborn dirt and grime. A wheel cleaner is specifically designed to effectively soften and remove this hard dirt, making your wheels look clean like new. Be sure to test the product first on a small portion of the wheel to see if it is damaging to the wheel’s surface or not.


To make your car’s paintwork sparkle like new, don’t forget to polish and wax it every 6 months or as needed. Polishing removes light scratches and marks on the car’s surface. After polishing, apply wax to have an extra barrier of protection against the elements. These two will help a lot in making your paint look new even after so many years.

Cleaning your car regularly helps a lot in making your investment last long. Take care of your car properly and efficiently by having these entire cleaning supplies ready in your garage.