ducted air conditioning installation

5 Ways to Improve Energy Consumption in An Office

There are a thousand and one ways you could save energy in an office. Some of the bests are run through below. Keep reading to learn more.


The easiest thing to do would be to make note of the colour of your walls. Although you think the dark paint on them looks good, they could be wreaking havoc on your energy bill. How? Darker colours absorb more heat than lighter ones. The heat stored could radiate and make the office hotter. This explains why you’ve been blasting your AC.

Don’t just switch for any light-coloured paint. Some are made specially to bounce heat. They are the ones that are the most worth your time.


This is probably the most expensive suggestion on our list. But it would greatly help. Think about replacing all of the appliances in your office. You might have bought them a long time ago. As a result, they’re using too much energy than they should.

Take things up a notch. Certain appliances were made to not suck up that much power. If you see a star symbol on their side, purchase them.

Position Your Fridge

Let’s talk about your appliances again- this time the refrigerator in your office kitchen. It could be in a spot that’s exposed to a lot of heat.  The heat would cause its insides to work at overtime, which is why it is taking more electricity to do its job.


You might have a giant air conditioning system stretch across your office. Unfortunately, it is old like your appliances. Not only would it be taking up too much power, but its filters would be full of dust. This is why it’s not cooling the space as efficiently as it should.

New air conditioning units are not the cheapest. However, they would be an investment. Whether you’re looking for ducted air conditioning installation or installation for split system, finding an electrician to do the job would be easy. If you look around, you’d be able to find someone that does a quality job for not that much either.

ducted air conditioning installation
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Energy Audit

If you speak to the company that is supplying you with energy, you would be able to make note of everything that is sucking up power. The audit would let you get rid of items that no one realized was sucking power dry.

For example, chargers take up power even if nothing is plugged to them. You’re supposed to off the plug and remove them if you don’t want them to use electricity.

Final Thoughts

Being a business owner, you’d look for as many ways to save cash as possible. Unfortunately, you could be raking in huge utility bills. If you consider everything we ran through, your electricity bill could greatly be reduced. Considering what was mentioned, the easiest thing to do is change the colour of the paint on your walls. They could be dark, which is why they absorb a lot of heat, forcing you to pump your AC higher.