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The Best Cars to Take Camping

Are you craving for some outdoor fun? Dreaming of the wilderness and exploration after being stuck home under strict quarantine laws? A remote area that is not your own house almost sounds like a fantasy in the current world we live in. Well, if you want to plan out your next camping trip to do just that, you need to know which cars are the best suited for the journey ahead of you. Here are a few of the best cars you could drive on a camping trip:

1.      Honda Element

Why is this even an option? Honda element is an ideal camping car as it contains washable floors and the seats are stained resistant (No excuse for not taking the kids with you now!). The inside of the vehicle provides sufficient space for you to pack up your camping gear. What is better than this? Well, Honda offers a tent attachment enough for up to six individuals, with removable seats that permit people to find slumber inside!

2.      Jeep Wrangler

This is a state-of-the-art camping vehicle. Not only is it able to handle off-roading, it is able to take on any rough trails ahead and barely even break a sweat. This car is perfect for the travelling family and contains infinite custom options to fit your needs and your family’s. On another positive note, the brand offers a range of camping gear, from airbeds to tents. If you are planning to camp out in the great outback, you can save up on the water by purchasing waterless car wash products Australia offers.

waterless car wash products australia
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3.      Subaru Outback

I mean doesn’t the name give it away? The Subaru Outback is truly a timeless car that provides the ideal balance between camping through rugged pathways and efficient fuel. It is suitable for families getting ready to escape their homes and head into nature. You can use up the space to place your bags and camping equipment. It also has a whopping 2700-pound towing capacity? Ready to visit the car dealership yet?

4.      Honda Ridgeline

Do not be fooled by its pick-up truck appearance. The Honda Ridgeline is quite a versatile vehicle. It contains 4 doors and a truck-bed, making it suitable for heavy packers heading out on a camping trail. The car is also known for being one of the best cars to have a good-night’s sleep in as it can come with a fitted tent within the truck-bed. This is the best choice for skiers and families excited for their camping trip!

5.      Toyota 4Runner

How can we forget the good old Toyota? The Toyota 4Runner in particular is a classic for camping as it can contains adequate space for the riders and camping gears. It is the car created for your adventure. The vehicle is known for its excellent durability, dependability and tough functionality. There is more than enough cargo space and can even tow in kayaks. I mean who does not love to go kayaking during a camping expedition?

Enjoy the journey ahead with the right car for you, happy camping!