12 Tips for Planning Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget

Between Pinterest boards and social media pictures, it is easy to find amazing ideas for your kid’s birthday party. However, the costs add fast, which is not good news for your wallet. This doesn’t mean that you smash the party plans and beg your child to understand. After all, birthdays are memorable for children, be it their fourth birthday or ninth.

Instead of scrapping the plan, you can always plan it on a budget. Let’s walk you through some ways to save money while you organize a memorable birthday for your kid:

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1. Plan the party well before the birthday

One of the best ways to conserve cash on a birthday party is by planning ahead. Shopping at the last minute is the recipe for a budget blow-out. You only end up picking up expensive party decorations because you are just running out of time.

However, planning months before the birthday allows you to search for low-budget party ideas carefully. Besides, you can collect party props whenever your eyes land on reasonably priced items.

2. Timing is key

What happens when someone invites you to their house in the evening? You expect a dinner because good conversations have a longer life than a few minutes. The same applies to kids’ birthday parties. If you invite children near the dinner time, their parents will expect a meal.

In this regard, Danielle Walker, author of  Against All Grain: Celebrations, suggests that you host a party between 2 pm and 5 pm. At this time, the kids have eaten, and it’s way too early for dinner. So, the message that goes across is pretty clear- small snacks will be served.

3. Send out e-invites for the party

A survey of 1,500 parent participants conducted by Parents, revealed that 73% of the folks sent out paper invitations for their kid’s birthday celebration. Paper invitations are cute, but they eat up a good amount of money.

In contrast, digital invitations are free. These help you save time, stamps, and supplies too. You can use Paperless Post and Evite for free and colorful options.

4. Select a free or reasonable location

It is not necessary that you have to throw a birthday party at an expensive spot. House parties are generally an affordable option. You can organize a great party in your backyard too. Moreover, you can plan your child’s birthday party at a budget-friendly venue.

For instance, booking a toy-filled room at the community center costs about $200 for four hours. Other options include renting a bowling alley, local recreation center room, or a nearby reservoir. You can also visit combatarcheryedmonton.com for booking a reasonable and fun packed venue for your kid’s birthday party. The best part about renting spaces is that it takes a lot of work off your shoulders.

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5. Shop online

Party stores can be expensive. In comparison, shopping online is an economical choice for birthday parties. Online stores offer party supplies at pocket-friendly prices. You can try Paper Mart or Birthday Express. Likewise, Oriental Trading provides themed birthday party kits that include party hats, goodie bags, napkins, plates, cups, and more.

6. Cater yourself

Catering only adds to the costs of a birthday party. However, you can always drop those services and cater to the party yourself. You’d be able to handle things in this department better if you manage to keep the guest list short.

7. Select a budget-friendly theme for the celebration

There are multiple kids birthday ideas to choose from. However, they require you to dig deeper than just looking at the surface. A case in point is a book-themed birthday party for kids. Such a theme is not only inexpensive but also easy to set up.

While you are at it, have a good look at your house and see if there are any features that you can use to your advantage. For example, a cottage garden can set a beautiful stage for an enchanted fairy party.

8. Save money when your kid is a toddler

It’s always a dream to arrange a huge gathering when your child turns one. However, the effort that you put is not going to impress your kid. Plus, he wouldn’t even remember it. Hence, a family day out would be equally fun for him as a huge party.

By saving at this stage, you can invest more when your tiny tot has grown enough to remember the event.

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9. Go for the DIY option

Additionally, the DIY option works well for an excellent birthday bash. Bake the cake and prepare the dessert or cupcakes yourself. This will help you save money. If the party is planned around a refreshment time, then light snacks such as apple slices, pretzels, chips, and popcorn are best. If the party is around meal time, then simple foods such as hamburgers, chips, and hot dogs can do the trick.

10. Host a small birthday party

You don’t have to necessarily invite half the town for your child’s birthday celebration. To prevent your budget from tipping over, keep the guest list short. The more people you invite, the more supplies and food you will need.

Ask your child to make a list of only his close friends. There is a solid chance that your kid has only a handful of friends unless he is a social butterfly. Another good trick is to ask your kid to invite the same number of people as her age. So, for instance, if your kid is turning nine, she can only invite nine guests. A small guest list means that you can throw a fantastic party without jumping over the set budget.

11. Entertain with simple games

You don’t have to spend extensively on birthday entertainment. The kids will be the happiest with the simplest games. Some ideas include charades, Simon says, musical chairs, hot potato, three-legged race, and freeze tag to name a few.

12. Pair up

Lastly, you can also save money by celebrating two birthdays together. For example, if your kid’s buddy’s birthday is also around the corner, then you can save some bucks by planning a joint birthday party. Get in touch with the other child’s parent and throw an amazing party without crossing the limits set up by your budget.

Final words

Planning a kid’s birthday party on a budget is not a tough nut to crack. You can always cut the expenses by choosing a pocket-friendly theme. Plan ahead and get party decorations in bulk from online stores. Keep the guest list short and select a reasonable venue for the party.