Commercial CCTV Systems and Remote Surveillance

There are many different ways to secure your assets when you are running a business, but perhaps one of the easiest is simply to set up systems that will allow you to take care of the CCTV surveillance aspects of the job. Companies that want to protect their assets from theft, vandalism and other incidents would do well to have a commercial CCTV system set up.


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There are many different devices that you can use in your business and they can be put into a variety of situations. IP surveillance has really taken off in the last decade or so in Australia and more companies are getting in on the ease of the systems. For a very small investment, you can have CCTV surveillance systems installed on your premises and you will also be able to connect over a network to your computer systems so video files can be backed up and saved for later viewing in case they are needed.


A Secure System from Start to Finish

Commercial CCTV systems are designed to be robust and highly secure. Wireless or wired cameras are installed in ceilings or on paths leading up to your buildings to make sure that nobody has unauthorized access. This information is then transferred across a network to a central security viewing location with display panels and at the same time video files are sent to a remote server where they can be backed up for later viewing.


This kind of functionality allows staff to review any security incidents and deal with intrusions, vandalism or theft in an evidence-based manner. CCTV surveillance has become very important for many companies and having a surveillance system set up can be a critical part of any business’ risk assessment policies.