How To Market Your Business On A Budget

One of the main challenges businesses face when it comes to marketing is financial resources. Having a tight budget can severely hinder your consumer outreach because creativeness or finding someone to put your ideas in motion can be expensive. But worry not, we have a few steps that you can use to overcome this hurdle. Here are some simple ways you can build up a customer base and market your products all while on a budget.

Social Media

A good majority of the world uses social media and people are always on the lookout for the next big thing so if you want to start reaching out, this is a good place to start. You get different platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, which are all unique in their own right. Take our advice and don’t try to work on all of them at once if you don’t have the manpower. There’s nothing worse than a neglected account. Select a few and get to work.

Valuable Content

If you or your team can create valuable content like videos, infographics, podcasts, articles, blogs etc. you automatically become labelled an expert that other sites can consult. If you can become a guest-writer for these sites, you automatically re-direct traffic back to your site. You capitalize on someone else’s brand name.

Image Source: Pexels


Now, everybody loves a good discount or giveaway. It’s the fastest way to get more visibility. You can promote your giveaways using Facebook groups or by even reaching out and making arrangements with popular influencers and bloggers in your area. You can even send these influencers free products so they can put up an honest review of your product online.


Looking into partnering with complementary businesses would be one of the best options for small, start-up businesses. For example, you could exchange customer lists with your partner (only as long as you gain permission from your customers first) and then give your partnering business a small commission for every sale made. Customers will also be less hesitant to put their trust in you when another business recommends you!

Use Advertising Channels

Apart from online methods, there are still other advertising channels with which you can have a high impact like billboard advertising. Put up in an area with high traffic, your ad will reach more than a fair share of potential customers! There are also other methods like using bumper stickers on cars or offering coupon through mailing lists etc.


Snagging the attention of the media is a great way to have your marketing done for you. To get them interested try doing publicity stunts, doing charitable things for the community and sending out press releases, donating your products or even nominating yourself for an award. These are all things that will garner up some interest in your business and what you do.

These are the best ways you can market your business on a budget. It’s a longer route to success but with the right amount of dedication and success, you’re bound to win the loyalty of your customers and climb up the ranks of the corporate ladder.