4 Phenomenal Facts About Watches

Do you have a mind of curiosity? If you do, then a question about where and how watches came to be had surely crossed your mind. Watches have evolved over the years from medieval pocket watches to wristwatches and digital watches that have entered into a novel phase within the 21st century.

For some, watches are simply a fashion statement whilst for others, a specific type of watch is a symbol of one’s status in society. If you would like to learn more, keep reading to find out a few exciting facts about watches:

1.     From Women to Men

Watches were usually worn by women as a way to bring their whole outfits together, rather than a way to keep track of the time. However, during World War I the popularity of wristwatches grew among the male population as soldiers began swapping regular pocket watches with wristwatches instead.

It made the process of keeping an eye on time much smoother and easier during a time when soldiers had to be aware of the times attacks and battles started and ended. Your current watches are not only for fashion or time-saving, it has grown into digital device that can be used for making payments, tracking your health and much more!

2.     The Watch Became Waterproof

Rolex was the first watch company that revolutionized the basic wristwatch into a watch you can swim within 1962. The first waterproof watch was named Oyster, it came with an attached water-tight case and rubber gaskets for optimum protection.

Sellers of the watch would provide evidence of the Oyster’s waterproof ability through a demonstration involving placing the watch in a bowl of water or gently rubbing an ice cube over the watch. Needless to say, many buyers were convinced and the watches were sold!

3.     An Innovation that Changed the World

All the old wristwatch styles were soon replaced with widely famous smart watches. The majority of us have decided to leave out the timely watch with the new digital trend. Needless to say, Apple jumped on the smart-watch bandwagon faster than you can say the word ‘time’.

Now, Apple is the number one competitor in the smart-watch market and their placement is not changing anytime soon. These watches have increased convenience and introduced features that put our ancient wristwatches to shame!

4.     Dynamic Materials

If you thought watches were strictly made of metal, think again! Bamboo, wood, rubber, leather and even recyclable sea plastics are a few of the materials that have been used to create and introduce new watches into the market. The versatility of watchmaking has allowed sales to grow as more companies have been able to cater to a wider audience. If you thought that a leather or metal watch harms the environment, what is stopping you from getting a bamboo one instead? In addition, present innovations include replacing watch bands with cool colours. You can get watch straps in a variety of colours or patterns that you like.

You will never look at your watch the same way again. Hope you enjoyed diving into the world of watches!