Wall Art

The Simplest Guide to Choose Wall Art for An Office Space

Did you know that ambience you choose to create in an office environment can contribute greatly towards overall productivity? Here is a guide to choose wall art for your office space.

What is Your Intention?

This is an answer you must have before you even start thinking about looking up wall art designs and ideas for your office space. Most of the time, you’d want your office wall art to ‘do something’ to your employees – in other words, have some sort of a positive effect on them. For instance, you may want to create energy by opting for pops of bright, bold, and brilliant colours.

On the other hand, you’d opt for art that awakens a sense of peace and calm in the space. Likewise, there can be a hundred possibilities when it comes to what you really intend to do with your wall art. Make sure you know your intention and are clear about it. This helps you make choices easily. Look up wall art Australia to find a large range online.

Wall Art
image source: pexels

Abstracts to Provoke Thought

Large, oversized abstract art is found to provoke ones thinking. If you take a look at Modern abstract art, you would see that interesting visual effects are created with the use of lines and patterns blended with colour. Sometimes, the detail and intricacy are such that it could feel as though there is movement in the specific piece of art.

For an art that will be going up against a white backdrop, it is often recommended that you opt for bold and brilliant colours so it stands out beautifully. If your art will stand against a dark wall however, you’d choose art that has blends of pastel hues and neutrals so it will catch the eye and mind of a person, just the way it should!

Neon for a Dramatic Effect!

In case you haven’t noticed, companies dealing with technology and whose businesses have a strong connection with the digital world use neon colours in their wall arts and backgrounds whenever they can. You might want to out up quotes with neon lettering, or just some sort of 3D image/s in neon colours just to create the sort of electrifying effect that your company environment is supposed to have. When work involves endless brain wracking jobs, this is just what you’d want your employee teams to be surrounded by – an environment that reminds them to never give up.

Nature Art for a Sense of Calm

Art that is Large but tame, with elements of nature, such as rivers, lake, sand, oceans or towering mountains, scenes of a forest, even those of a quiet city glowing under dim lights, are the type you’d want to have up at your therapy centre if you are a psychologist or a counsellor perhaps.

Nevertheless, you can even opt for this type of art at a law firm to help achieve a sense of calmness and focus better as you keep trying to resolve little problems and look for loopholes repeatedly. In fact, you do not need a real reason to have this type of art up on the walls as they somehow become ideal anywhere, any place you go!