Risks Of Having Poor Timber Outdoor Furniture

The weather is ever changing and with the continuous use of things that pollute the air and sky, the weather changes are becoming more and more unpredictable. If you are interested in investing in some nice outdoor furniture, make sure that they are made from a hardwood that can withstand the harsh conditions of the outside.

Everything good is said to have an end; this is very true even when it comes to the furniture in your backyard. Any type of furniture is bound to get to a point where it breaks down due to wear and tear over time. Your timber outdoor furniture has higher chances of wearing and tearing faster than the furniture in the house. It is important for you to know the risks that you will be facing if you opt to go for outdoor furniture made of timber. The design and the specific type of the timber used will determine the exact period of time that your furniture will survive. Some can last for decades whereas others will only be good for a few years. You can however take care of them to maintain them for a little bit longer than they could stay without maintenance. Here are the risks you will face if you use a poor quality of timber:

• Pest Attacks

Pests are known to be a very big nuisance when it comes to wooden structures. When you are building some outdoor furniture using timber, you need to find the best type of wood that is resistant to pests or make sure you maintain your furniture. If you are looking for some timber outdoor furniture, it would be wise if you were to use teak for your constructions. Once the pests attack, it can be hard to control them and they might end up bringing the structure down. Start by preventing the furniture by using a sealant or oil on the timber. These are meant to keep off the pests so that they are not able to get to your nice and beautiful furniture.

• Harsh Weather

When your timber outdoor furniture is exposed to extreme harsh weather, it will not be standing for a long time. You can try and protect the furniture from the weather the best you can but you can only do it for so long before the structure crumbles. The best option is to spend that money you are saving on some nice teak wood furniture. This wood is equipped with properties that not only make it resistant to pests but also to harsh weather. Exposing timber to rain water and then extreme hot spells will see your furniture start to wear and tear. You need to use covers to keep the harsh weather away from the furniture.

• Loss of Money

When you use poor quality timber for your outdoor furniture, you not only stand to lose the furniture once they are gone but also a lot of money in the process. The first use will be money spent trying to keep your timber outdoor furniture looking good through the harsh times. The next expenditure comes in from the constant replacement of the furniture. The harsh weather and the pests among other downsides of using poor quality timber will see you go through several sets of furniture in no time.

The timber outdoor furniture looks great in the garden at your home and you should make an effort of finding the best quality timber such as teak. With the proper timber, you will have a nice garden that you can enjoy without any stress of the furniture not lasting long.