3 Common Types of Concrete Pumps to Buy

A concrete pump is basically a piece of heavy-duty equipment used for large-scale building projects. It is mostly used to transfer liquid-based concrete to be used on a construction site. Looking for concrete pumps for sale is a prudent thing to do because you will be able to place a solid foundation to any type of construction.
Are you looking for concrete pumps for sale? Do you want to start your own concrete business? If your answer is yes in any of the above questions, then you should consider the following types of concrete pumps.

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

A truck mounted concrete pump is one of the most common types of concrete pumps for sale in most areas. These truck mounted system has the concrete pump attached to the back section of a truck. This makes it possible to transport concrete from one place to another. The placement of the concrete to any construction area is done remotely using some robotic arms mounted on the truck.

The best thing about the truck-mounted concrete pump is its ability to pump a large amount of concrete in a short time. This makes it ideal for large-scale construction projects. Another advantage of the truck-mounted concrete pump is the robotic controls that make the whole work to be simplified and enhance precision control in pouring liquid concrete. If you are looking for concrete pumps for sale, consider the truck mounted due to its impeccable ability.

Stationary Concrete Pump

The stationary pump itself is a separate unit that has a trailer-like setup. It needs a separate vehicle to tow to the construction site. The stationary pump is also a great type of concrete pump for various types of constructions. It uses either steel hoses or rubber hoses to apply the concrete to the required locations.

These hoses are manually mounted into the pump during its application. The best thing about the stationary concrete pump is that it accepts the extension of hose to ensure that it reaches the precise area of construction. Compared to the truck mounted concrete pump, the stationary concrete pump delivers slower concrete flow rate. This makes it not ideal for large-scale application. It is mostly used on small construction projects such as sidewalks, swimming pools, concrete slabs among others.

Specialized Usage Concrete Pump

As the name suggests, special usage concrete pumps are designed to be used in special applications. Most of these are used in difficult environments such as mines and tunnels. Specialized used concrete pumps requires other types of specialize machinery in order for them to work well. Other machinery used together with the specialized usage concrete pumps include the skid mounted pumps, rail mounted pumps among others.
Due to their specialized use, these types of concrete pumps for sale tends to be more expensive compared to other types of concrete pumps. It is therefore important to determine which type of concrete pump suits your construction needs.

In conclusion, concrete pumps are a vital piece of equipment that is now being used widely to simplify the construction work. It provides the fast application of concrete in order to cut back on time, manpower, cost, and energy. The best thing about concrete pumps is that they ensure that the concrete placement did anywhere at any time for it is not impacted by weather conditions.