Foot Pain

5 Ways to Cure Foot Pain

Have you ever felt your foot pulse beating so fast and your nerves screaming out in pain? We all know that pain when it comes to our legs, it is truly a horrendous experience. Some people can suffer from chronic foot pain that could lead to the inability to walk long distances without triggering points of pain.

In addition, many sportsmen and sportswomen know the trouble of foot pain if one receives an injury after carrying out a particular exercise in the wrong way. Sometimes just rubbing some ice on it is not going to cut it. Here are some effective ways for you to receive freedom from that terrible foot pain:

1.      Elevate your Foot

The worst thing you can do when you get home is kept standing! On the other hand, the most effective thing to do is sit down and put your feet up. Then start carrying out toe exercises to get that blood circulation running and ensure your feet are placed at a forty-five-degree angle while your body remains upright. Relax like this every day for around 20-30 minutes until you feel the pain subsiding.

2.      Bring the Salts Out

This technique has been tried and it is trusted. Soak up your feet in a basin of warm water and around 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. This should do the trick! Rinse the salt off then pat your feet dry and use a foot massager to gently relax your muscles.

Foot Pain
Image Source: Unsplash

3.      Go Hot and Go Cold

If you have got a bathtub, it’s time you go and sit at the edge of it. Then hold your feet under some running water for a few minutes. Start alternating between hot and cold water every minute many times and then finish it up with the cold water. The variations of hot and cold will invigorate your entire body. If you have been blessed with a shower massager at hand, then use that to give your pain a workout!

4.      The Well-Known Pharmacy

If you are looking for a quick way out, then over-the-counter meds are the answer for you. The pain could have also reached a boiling point for you, where you felt like you simply could not do this any longer. There is no harm, just go on over to the nearby pharmacy and opt to take some meds before you head back home for a relaxing night. Just make sure you are taking a quality substance that helps you and does not harm you in the long run.

5.      Roll it Out

You would think that anything to do with rolling your foot is the last thing to help your pain. Well, get ready to stand corrected! For a mini massage session, all you have to do is arch to stretch, relax, remove your shoes and roll your foot over a tennis ball, golf ball or even a fish can for a few minutes.

Keep your feet out of horrible jabs of pain. Follow these tips to relieve yourself from foot pain!