Tips for Using Car Cleaning Products Safely & Effectively

Using the right techniques, tools, and car cleaning products will ensure you not only maximise the results from cleaning and detailing your car but will also guarantee the practice itself doesn’t end up damaging your vehicle. The detailing and washing of your vehicle is not always a straightforward process, with the correct processes often depending on multiple factors such as your car’s make and model, the type of paint on the vehicle’s exterior, and any special interior materials. This article will detail some tips on how you can achieve superior car cleaning results safely and effectively.

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If In Doubt, Use a Neutral Car Wash Concentrate

Depending on the type of paint and clear coat on your vehicle, selecting the wrong car shampoo or car wash product may corrode the clear coat or make your vehicle’s paintwork more susceptible to scratching. If you’re unsure of which car cleaning products are best for your particular vehicle’s exterior, a neutral car wash concentrate will generally get great results without any risk of damage to your car’s paint.

Neutral car wash concentrates are affordable, safe to use on all paint surfaces, and can achieve superior shine. The high concentration levels in these products make them excellent value for money, as you’ll only need to use a small amount each time you wash your vehicle.

Don’t Wash Your Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

Even if you select the exact car cleaning products you should be using for your vehicle, using them in direct sunlight or on a vehicle with a hot surface could actually do more harm than good. This is because the heat will naturally speed up the drying of any soaps and waxes you may be using on your vehicle, leading to awkward spots and an overall inferior result.

If you’re planning to wash your vehicle, ensure that the body isn’t hot and you have sufficient shade to block your car from direct sunlight during the washing and detailing process.

Dry Your Car By Hand

While this can seem like an especially tedious part of the car washing and detailing process, car cleaning products need to be properly rinsed and dried off of your vehicle in order to achieve the best results. It can be tempting to let your car air dry, especially after a hard day’s work of washing and detailing, but air drying your vehicle will make it far more likely for watermarks to develop, rendering all of your meticulous cleaning work futile.

Be careful which type of towel you use to dry off your vehicle. Microfibre towels are the industry standard when it comes to car detailing and maintenance, as the soft fibres provide superior absorption and don’t leave scratches. Using a towel or material that is too abrasive can lead to scratch marks and could even strip the vehicle of any protective products you’ve applied.

Always Pre-Wash

Rinsing all surfaces thoroughly before commencing an extensive washing and detailing session will ensure you get the most out of your car cleaning products. It’s important to remove any loose dirt or debris, as these can cause scratching if accidentally worked into your vehicle’s paint during the cleaning process.