Gift Hamper for a Biker

Maybe it’s that time of the year and you need to or want to get something nice for someone who enjoys riding the bike and everything related to it. Coming up with gifts that are not expensive might not be too hard if you look for the right things. There is also the option of being extremely creative which will allow for you to put together things that would be not considered as the usual go-to products. So whether you want to gift this to an office mate, best friend, dad or your brother you don’t have to worry. We have come up with some nice options that you can mix and match according to your preference.

The Perfectly Protected Hands

There are great looking motorbike gloves that will always be useful for anyone who wishes to keep their hands protected and have a good grip on the bike handles. You can look for some fancy ones online or from reputed shops that especially cater to all bikers. This way you will also be able to get some input on what is best for what, in case you are not that biker savvy person. Select a colour that can be worn with all clothing. Keeping it monochrome might be best as all will be able to appreciate such.

Image Source: Pixabay

Body Lotion and Refresher Spray

For someone who travels a lot on the bike and does long distance trips, something like a refresher kit that is small enough to pack for their bike rides would be great. This will give them the opportunity to freshen up on the go even if they don’t get the chance to use a proper hotel shower.

Magazines and Joke Books

There are books and magazines that cater to bikers. They contain jokes and information on all things that bikers love and enjoy reading. This would be a great addition as most men enjoy reading while using the toilet. So pick up a few good ones and you are sure to make someone happy.

Cooler Bottle

A flat bottle that can be carried easily in the jacket pocket. This will allow the individual to carry cold beverages for a hot day. When someone is traveling on long distance rides and perhaps are unable to stop for a refreshing drink this bottle can come in handy. They are able to keep the contents cold for an extended period of time. This is most useful for hot summer seasons.

A Gift Voucher

You can also include a gift voucher for any shop that sells all things that bikers will love. This way they will have the option to select something of their own choice. Sometimes one may not need something right away and then when they actually do they can put that voucher to good use.

Whatever you decide to put in the hamper it is important that you pack it nicely. Get a basket or some wooden container that will give it a masculine charm. You can add a few key tags and other small accessories that can come in handy for a traveler. This way you will have a fun gift pack. Get it professionally wrapped if you are not that great at packing and add a sentimental touch with a little note or card.